About Us Serving Culpeper County and Central Virginia Areas

Dexter Wells & Plumbing, LLC.

No one at Dexter Wells & Plumbing, LLC in Culpeper, VA is afraid to get their hands dirty, so when seeking a professional plumber, experienced in water heaters, sewers, faucets and drains, bank on us. We dole out a wide array of plumbing services deemed affordable and excellent. With over 35 years of service and experience, we strive to remain in concert with our customers needs by being a dedicated and professional, licensed and insured plumber in Culpeper.

Our goal is to go beyond doing one job and create an ongoing relationship with our customers and be able to handle all their plumbing needs whenever they arise.

We conduct a full line of plumbing services ranging from water heater replacement and underground leak repair to faucet repair and drain line cleaning. We work with both residential and commercial clients in need of our services and understand that finding a tried-and-true plumber near you can be a tiresome pursuit. However, relax and choose us to tackle your water well replacement and water heater repair. We greet each customer with a smile and are courteous of their needs and time. We are communicative, forthright and are your affordable option for a sewer replacement or faucet repair. Hire us - a reputable plumber in Culpeper - to resolve your plumbing issues.

Call Dexter Wells & Plumbing, LLC in Culpeper, VA at 540-718-9267 if you are interested in our plumbing services and would like to know more about our competitive prices. We are a highly recommended and sought-after plumber you can trust.

Dexter Wells & Plumbing, LLC.